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Stash Busters!

We all have them. Small little balls of left over yarn stuffed into ziplock bags or hidden amongst your yarn stash. Over time these small hidden and often forgotten little gems can add up! What’s a yarn junkie to


Personally, I love to turn these little bits of yarn into granny squares. That’s right, the humble granny square.

Whether you choose the classic style, the Fuller pinwheel, or maybe one with a flower or little heart in the centre, the granny square is a great way to bust ones stash of odds and sods!

I love granny squares because they are east to do, and a quick little side project for those in between moments when your large project has become a bit repetitive! Simple to master, they are a great little project for road trips or flights and quickly add up to a blanket in no time!

Or, if you are like my best friend, you can granny square with a definite plan! One of my favourite creations of hers is this amazing Ba-Bomb blanket from Super Mario!

How do you like to bust your stash of little odds and ends from projects gone by? Let me know in the comments below!

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