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Ribbed Neck Warmer!

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

It's been a while since I posted! Like a long while! Life sometimes gets busy and you just have to go with the flow and push through! So, while I have been busy with life stuff I've also had some time to pick away and some projects! I finished this super cozy neck warmer just the other day in time to gift to my sister for Christmas! This was a super simple and yet totally satisfying little project to do while I was busy organizing and plotting my future endeavours!

The simplicity of this pattern made it a joy to knit up and it travelled several places with me over the holiday festivities so I could get it completed in time for yesterday's visit! My sister loved it and I am super excited that she does! I'm also super excited to post this pattern for free!!

Materials: Loops & Threads Meandering Serpentine, colour #29, purple

1 Stitch marker

4.5mm circular needles, 16"

Cast on 120 stitches and join, being careful not to twist.

Body: Knit 2 Purl 2 for all rounds.

Yep really that's it lol

I worked this piece for 59 rows before I casted off (casted I don't think that's really a word but whatever) I used a lose bind off for the end because I wanted it to have some good stretch to it. With 59 rows this worked out to be 9" in length which i found great because it tucks into a sweater or jacket well, keeping your neck warm and cozy on those cold winter days!


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