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A little about me

My name is Nikky and I love yarn.  Straight up it’s like an addiction.  I’m a tactile person by nature, I love to feel things in my hands.  My biggest reason for purchasing any yarn is how it feels, followed by its colour and price point.  I have a fine appreciation for things that are pretty, and love combining colours, basing colour ways on favourite photo’s or even my mood.  I live in southern Ontario, Canada, and one day aim to have my own yarn shop.  My dream shop is one with variety.  It will serve everyone’s price point for every project.  I’m very much a people person, and love to teach the skills I have acquired over the last 25 plus years of yarn crafting!


I taught myself to crochet out of boredom when I was 21 and unemployed.  I sat under my parents carport, with a ball of rainbow supersaver and a hook, learning from an old pattern book from the 60’s, trying hard to mimic what I was seeing in the hand drawn demonstration pictures, and after many random attempts and many hours I was on my way to making my first “granny” square!  With patients, and I’ll be honest, many a curse word and repeated frogging I was on my way to one heck of a granny square, my new found addiction well under way!


Over time, I eventually pushed myself to learn new stitches, figure out how to gage my work, and what kinds of yarns I enjoyed working with, and before I knew it, I was teaching my girlfriends how to make strings into things as well!


With 25 years of crochet in my back pocket, two years ago I began my journey into continental knitting.  Feeling I needed another challenge, I asked my cottage neighbour to teach me.  Before we knew it I was making dish cloths and then jumping right into knitting on four needles, where we discovered, much to both of our amusement, that i had been knitting in the back loop the whole time and purling with a backwards wrap!  Not deterred, it was onward and upward, reteaching myself the basics and purposely picking patterns to help me with that.  Over the years I have developed a drive for perfection in anything I’m making!


With all of this in mind, it is only natural for me to keep building on my current skills while searching out new skills to learn!  I make my own stitch markers, and am currently researching the ins and outs of hand dying my own yarns, with the goal of eventually starting my own line of squishy wonderful goodness that any avid yarn crafter will love to work with!  Join me in my adventures!  There will be ups, there will be downs,  there will likely be some random cursing and definitely a lot of laughter as I brave the world of learning new things!

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