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A Little About Me

Hi there! I'm currently just starting this little page, so please forgive any unfinished pages! (I'm looking' at you gallery) In the coming weeks I will be uploading photo's to my gallery and getting some blogging in!

Now that I have my apologies for the current construction that is occurring on this site out of the way, let me tell you a bit about myself and why I've started this blog!

My name is Nikky, and I love yarn. Seriously. Some people might call it an addiction but I just call it my yarn stash. Bless my husband for every eye roll he manages to suppress each time I come home from the craft store. He just knows i won't walk out with nothing! I've crocheted since I was 21, and I'm currently learning how to knit! I love to craft things in general, but yarn has always been a long standing staple in my crafting adventures. I've made soap, scrubs and candles. I've crocheted many a hat and cowl. I've even made my own stitch markers for both crochet and knitting. (which I will be putting into my online shop once I figure that out lol)

That all being said, I've created this blog to share my love of yarn, and all things squishy and lovely you can make with it! I'll be sharing my favourite yarns, tutorials, and some free patterns I have written. I love to share what I know about my obsession, so if you have a question I'd love to help! I have a chat set up here where you can ask your questions, or you can just ask away in the comments to any post! You can also find me on Instagram under @theknitpurlgirl where you can see all the yarn related shenanigans I get myself into!

adventures in early morning cottage knitting

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