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I‘ve been so busy lately that I have forgotten to post into my sites! My latest project is this cowl called Copenhagen Calling by Isabell Kraemer. I decided to give this pattern a try because I’ve never done colour work before and it seemed like a great opportunity for me to up my knitting skill set and bust into my ample yarn stash! I had on hand two skeins each of this lovely loops and threads serpentine that I had been wanting to knit with for a while (charcoal and ocean spray) and just decided to take the plunge. I mean what’s the worst that could happen right?

I will admit after the ribbing i got a bit nervous, having to add a colour and then figure out this lovely little pattern was a bit daunting. I‘ve never been great at reading charts. Thankfully this pattern also has written instructions! (I have a book that contains many beautiful pattern styles all written in charts. I will crack the code eventually!)

This pattern is lovely and simple and works up quickly, with enough variation that you don’t get bored! Find it on and happy knitting!

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Updated: Jul 10, 2023

It's been a while since I posted! Like a long while! Life sometimes gets busy and you just have to go with the flow and push through! So, while I have been busy with life stuff I've also had some time to pick away and some projects! I finished this super cozy neck warmer just the other day in time to gift to my sister for Christmas! This was a super simple and yet totally satisfying little project to do while I was busy organizing and plotting my future endeavours!

The simplicity of this pattern made it a joy to knit up and it travelled several places with me over the holiday festivities so I could get it completed in time for yesterday's visit! My sister loved it and I am super excited that she does! I'm also super excited to post this pattern for free!!

Materials: Loops & Threads Meandering Serpentine, colour #29, purple

1 Stitch marker

4.5mm circular needles, 16"

Cast on 120 stitches and join, being careful not to twist.

Body: Knit 2 Purl 2 for all rounds.

Yep really that's it lol

I worked this piece for 59 rows before I casted off (casted I don't think that's really a word but whatever) I used a lose bind off for the end because I wanted it to have some good stretch to it. With 59 rows this worked out to be 9" in length which i found great because it tucks into a sweater or jacket well, keeping your neck warm and cozy on those cold winter days!


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Oh Sunday, how I have missed you. Life's been busy these past few months and I've rarely had time to get on here and write anything! Actually I still haven't uploaded any more pictures to my albums either! (don't judge me lol!) That all being said today I have finally had time to catch up on the many things I've needed to complete both around the house and in my WIP pile!

My recent project has been this cowl for my hubs. I found this great free pattern on Ravelry and decided to give it a test drive! It's called The Man (Or Anyone) Cowl and the link in Ravelry will take you to it's blog post for the pattern, which is by This Guy Knits. I'm super loving this pattern as it is fairly simple and easy enough to follow. I'm making this using Red Hearts Chic Sheep wool in the colour Sterling. I am loving this yarn! It's a worsted weight Merino wool and it feels so nice and squishy in my hands! I'm hoping I can get this off my needles today so that I can start yet another project! Maybe a hat?

What's on your needles or hooks this Sunday? Let me know in the comments below!



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